About John Lemon

PDC Inc. Chairman

Born, Dubbo, NSW Australia, completing schooling at Delroy High 1989.

Worked seven years part-time while at school at Bob's Pet Supplies Dubbo. John’s Love of animals had been apparent throughout his childhood years.

Worked at Western Plains Zoo 1989 until May 2002. Holding position of Divisional Supervisor, specialising in African Carnivores and Primates. During the twelve years he also held the positions of Australasian Primate Society President, Australasian Species Co-coordinator and Studbook Keeper for Cheetah. John’s passion for Cheetah and Painted Dogs lead him to travel the world gaining work experience at other Institutions which included; De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre South Africa, San Diego Wild Animal Park U.S.A, Fossil Rim Wildlife Centre Texas U.S.A, White Oak Conservation Centre Florida U.S.A, Honolulu Zoo Hawaii U.S.A, New Zealand Zoo's and Australian Zoological Institutions.

Studies included two year State Zoo Keeping Certificate and an Award for Dux of course (TAFE N.S.W.), 3 year National Zoo Keeping Certificate (Box Hill TAFE Victoria), Post Graduate Certificate, Captive Vertebrate Management (CharlesSturtUniversity, CSU.), Graduate Diploma Captive Vertebrate Management (CSU), Masters Captive Vertebrate Management (CSU), Conservation Biology & Biodiversity (UNSW). Awarded Zoo Studies Scholarship (CSU), Certificate IV in Business Management (West Coast TAFE WA), Certificate III Captive Animals (Western Sydney Institute TAFE), Certificate IV Captive Animals (Western Sydney Institute TAFE), Foundations of Leadership (AIM/University Western Australia).

Burning passion to do more for Conservation. Awarded New South Wales Zoo Friends Fellowship to undertake field work in Zimbabwe in 2000 with the Painted Dog Research Project. Returned to the project in 2001 with own funding. During 2002, aware that the plight of the dogs was worsening, resigned from Western Plains Zoo to work full time for the Project in the capacity of Project Officer Painted Dog Conservation. During 2003 John completed the largest rehabilitation holding facility for the dogs in the World, as well as rescuing several dogs from lethal Snares, Education Work to Rural Communities and Anti-poaching Patrols.

Finalist 'Audi Terra Nova Awards' South Africa for contribution to conservation, 2003.

Founding member of Painted Dog Conservation Inc in Australia(PDC Inc) in October 2003. Appointed as Vice Chairman. Initially supporting Painted Dog Research in Zimbabwe.

November 2004 involved in the translocation of four dogs from Bulawayo to the rehabilitation facility for acclimatisation before movement to ‘StarvationIsland’ in LakeKariba.

May 2005 involved in a World first release of a pack of rehabilitated dogs onto 'StarvationIsland' in LakeKariba to learn the fine art of hunting before release into the wild proper.

May 2005 boxed and escorted two smuggled dogs, being kindly held in South Africa, back to Zimbabwe for later release.

May-June 2006 involved in the translocation of 16 dogs from Pilanesburg South Africa to the rehabilitation facility for later release.

July 2007 worked with PDC Inc. newly supported project in Namibia, assisting with the darting and collaring of a yearling male for research. This animal being the fourth dog in ten years to be collared and the second pack in known history.

November 2008 continued work in Namibia including building the new base camp for the project in Bushmanland.

November/December 2009 worked the African Wild Dog Project in Zambia(also supported by PDC Inc) conducting Anti-poaching patrols, village dog vaccination programs and Community Development work.

October/November 2010 worked with the Zambian Carnivore Programme.

April 2011 Guest Speaker at the First International Painted Dog Conference Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

May/June 2012 Part of the capture Team for the Largest Wildebeest Radio Collaring program in History, Liuwa Plains Zambia.

Currently Chairman of Painted Dog Conservation Incorporated Australia and Chairman Zambian Carnivore Programme. Balances his time between Curator Operations at Perth Zoo Western Australia and working in the field in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.