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Wild Dog Project, NAMIBIA

Painted Dog Conservation Inc supports the work of Robin Lines, Director of "Wild Dog Project" in Namibia. Chairman of PDCInc, John Lemon, spent both 2007 and 2008 undertaking field work with Robin. PDC Inc have supported this project through the provision of GPS equipment, laptops, a new vehicle and camera equipment.

John handing over GPS equipment to Robin (2007)

Robin's Base Camp in Tsumkwe, Namibia

John and Robin collaring a Painted Dog in 2007

John collaring another Painted Dog in 2008

The Himba People of Namibia

John with a local San Bushman

Robin's new vehicle-donated by SAVE Foundation

Ange with the local San community and PDC Inc

Zambian Carnivore Programme, ZAMBIA

PDC Inc supports the work of the Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP), which is based on the banks of the South Luwangwa River in Zambia. ZCP is managed by Dr Matt Becker, and apart from working with Painted Dogs, ZCP also monitors the population of other Carnivores in the area-Lion, Hyaena, Leopard and Cheetah.

PDC Inc has supported ZCP through the provision of funding for their Domestic Dog Vaccination Program, field equipment the the provision of two vehicles.

In addition, PDC Inc has also supported other organisations that liaise and collaborate closely with ZCP -Chimpembele Wildlife Education Centre (funding for a Community Education Officer) and South Luangwa Conservation Society (funding for an Anti-Poaching Team)

A pack of Painted Dogs in Zambia

Lisa Gower - Community Education Officer at Chipembele

Radiotracking in the Zambian bush

John Lemon with a Study Lion

John Lemon with "Alice" the Warthog, at Chipembele

John Lemon on patrol with the PDC Inc Anti-Poaching Team

John and Angela Lemon with Rachel from South Luangwa Conservation Society

Matt Becker undertaking the Domestic Dog Vaccination Programme

Landrover donated by Mr Syd Chipchase

Rodeo purchased by PDC Inc

Chairman John Lemon entering Liuwa Plains National Park 2012

John Lemon capturing Wildebeest in Liuwa Plains National Park 2012

John Lemon visiting local schools in South Luangwa

John Lemon, Rachel Mc Robb (SLCS) and Dr Matt Becker (ZCP) Lunch Liuwa style

John Lemon with the PDC Inc./SLCS/ZCP Anti-poaching team

John Lemon tracking Cheetah in Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

Hyena resting in a waterhole with the Sausage Tree Pack of Painted Dogs Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

Sausage Tree Pack in Hunting mode Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

John Lemon (on right) Radio collaring a Hyena Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

Sausage Tree Pack Hunting Wildebeest Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

Male Lion Liuwa Plains National Park Nov/Dec 2013

Painted Dog Conservation, ZIMBABWE

Painted Dog Conservation is based near the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. John Lemon of PDC Inc first began working in Zimbabwe with the project in October, 2000. John and his wife Angela spent time assisting with radiotracking and the rehabilitation of the Painted Dogs, Anti-poaching and community development activities during their trips to Zimbabwe. John lived there during 2002 and 2003 assisting with the design, planning and building of the rehabilitation facility that now stands at the Painted Dog Facility in Hwange (see other Tab on this website) This site now emcompasses the Rehabilitation Centre, a Bush Camp for local children and an Education Centre.

Images of the beautiful Painted Dogs of Zimbabwe

Images of the beautiful Painted Dogs of Zimbabwe

John Lemon and Peter Wood from Perth Zoo with the Anti-poaching team

John Lemon treating a badly snared Painted Dog

Painted Dog Rehabilitation Centre, ZIMBABWE

John Lemon, Chairman of PDC Inc Australia, moved to Zimbabwe in 2002 to design, plan and build a Rehabilitation Centre at the Painted Dog Conservation site in Zimbabwe. John trained a team of local community members during this process, including establishing keeping staff to look after any animals admitted to the facility.

John pegging out the Facility

John briefing his team on the plan

John and his team fencing the Large enclosure

John and his Fencing Team

The Intensive Care Clinic

The internal slide gates of the Large Enclosure

The Perimeter Fences

One of the Dog dens in the Intensive Care Clinic

Angela Lemon with the first 2 patients at the facility

John Lemon at the completion of the Rehabilitation Facility

Painted Dog Rescues

John Lemon, Chairman of PDC Inc Australia, has been involved in numerous rescues and rehabilitation of injured Painted Dogs. This has ranged from the treating of snared animals, relocations of confiscated animals and the very first rehabilitation of rescued Painted Dogs on Starvation Island on Lake Kariba.

John Lemon & Peter Wood preparing confiscated Painted Dogs from Bulawayo back to the Rehabilitation Facility in Hwange fortheir future release back into the wild.

Painted Dogs were transported from the Rehabilitation Centre in Hwange to Starvation Island, Lake Kariba

These Painted Dogs had been smuggled into South Africa and John Lemon assisted in transporting them back to Zimbabwe, their homeland


Apart from the frontline conservation of the endangered Painted Dog, PAINTED DOG CONSERVATION INC AUSTRALIA actively support and engage with the local Perth Community -look out for us at your next event!






Famous Faces

Angela Lemon with PDC Inc. Patron Simon Reeve

Angela and John Lemon with 'The Bondi Vet' Dr Chris Brown (L) and Kevin Richardson 'The Lion Whisperer"(R)

Angela with Dr. Birute Galdikas

John Lemon with Dr. Birute Galdikas

John Lemon with Dr. Jane Goodall

Angela and John Lemon with "The Lion Whisperer" Kevin Richardson

John Lemon with Dr. Harry Cooper

John Lemon with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

John and Angela Lemon with PDC Inc. Founding Patron Bradley Trevor Greive (AM)

Angela Lemon with Director Botswana Predator Conservation Trust John Weldon"Tico" McNutt

Angela and John Lemon with PDC Inc. Patron Tony Park

John Lemon with Rove McManus

Angela Lemon with 9 Times World Motorcycle Champion Valentino Rossi

Angela Lemon with Rock Legend Jon Stevens

Angela Lemon with Pop Legend Tony Hadley

Angela Lemon with 80"s legends and PDC Inc. supporters Scott Carne and Ally Fowler

Angela with Brian Mannix

Angela with Sean Kelly

Angela Lemon and Rock Legend Eddie Kowalczyk